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Hola, amigos! I’m Diego, the tech enthusiast behind DiegoTechBlog.com. Here’s the deal: I'm not a professional writer, but I've been in the cybersecurity game for over six years, currently working at a top financial institution. This blog is my way of sharing the cool, sometimes crazy world of tech and cybersecurity.

A little backstory: My journey started when my family moved from Mexico to a small town in South Texas. That's where I first got hooked on tech, fixing computers and figuring out tech puzzles for anyone who needed help. It wasn’t just about the gadgets; it was about making a difference for my friends and neighbors.

After earning my BBA in Cybersecurity from UTSA, and my 6+ years of professional cybersecurity experience, I realized that I've got a bunch of stories and insights that could be helpful, or at least interesting, to others. So, why keep it all to myself?

What’s On the Blog

Here's what you'll find on DiegoTechBlog.com:

  1. Cyber Threats Unveiled: I'll break down the complex stuff about cyber threats into easy-to-digest pieces – super useful whether you're a pro or just getting started.
  2. Vulnerability Management, Made Simple: We'll cover how to spot and fix those digital weak spots, tying in some of my early experiences and what I've learned in my professional role.
  3. More Than Tech: Tech's not just about the hardware and software; it's about people too. I'll share some insights on balancing technical know-how with essential people skills.
  4. Risk Management Insights: Drawing from my experience in the financial sector, I'll give you the lowdown on managing risks in the tech world.
  5. Professional Development in Cybersecurity: For those looking to break into cybersecurity, I'll provide guidance, tips, and strategies that have helped me in my career journey.
  6. And a Whole Lot More: We’re not just sticking to cybersecurity. Expect a mix of topics – from the latest in tech to practical tips.

Join the Journey

Whether you’re just curious about tech, starting your career, or you’ve been in the field for a while, there’s something here for you. I’ll keep the updates coming, so let’s start this adventure together.

Thanks for dropping by! Can’t wait to share my journey and learn together with you. Let’s dive into the world of tech!